Friday, March 18, 2011

Literature in Math Ideas

I got these books off of another website and wanted to share them with you. Add them to your collection of books.



Cucumber Soup by Vickie Leigh Krudwig

In this book, students learn about numeracy and patterns as they count how many insects and spiders come to the ants’ rescue; work with teamwork and how mass and force are related as all the animals push against the cucumber; and finally explore fractional measures as the ants reward everyone with cold cucumber soup. Even though the stories presented are fictional, the students are guided by the teacher to see the math connections between the fictional story and real life


Sir Cumference and All the King’s Ten by Cindy Neuschwander

This is a fun story in which Sir Cumference and Lady Di have planned a big surprise birthday party for King Arthur. Many more guests arrived than were invited. In addition to creating a seating arrangement, they also had to figure out how many people were there so they would know how many meals to make. Digits, place value, and expanded notation were used to display the numbers Lady Di and Sir Cumference counted, and divided as they served the party guests allowing the party to become a major success. 

How Big is a Foot? by Rolf Myller

In the book, an apprentice carpenter was hired by the king to make a birthday bed for his wife, the queen. When the bed was presented to the queen, it was way too small. The carpenter was sent to the dungeon to think about his mistake. In a few days, he figured out he had used his own feet to measure the queen’s new bed. So the king decided to use his own feet to do the measuring and the finished bed was correct. Using this book, students learn about standard and non-standard units of measure

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